Version 4.2: New features and changes in the map exploration

We’ve been working hard to improve the user experience when exploring the map. New and interesting features and changes were introduced.

  1. New sounds. Using the Google maps sdk we’ve been able to give back the user the sound feedback for streets, lakes, oceans, parks. Thanks to different sound while moving your finger on the map you’ll be able to distinguish between highways, more and less important streets. The sound will play as long as you keep your finger on the street thus helping you following it. A new sound was introduced for the parks. You’ll hear birds singing while moving on them.
  2. Zoom gesture. The zooming on the map is no longer done by doing a vertical flick, but taking a pinch gesture with two fingers.
  3. Centering a point on the map. While moving on the map with your finger, you can set the point you’re touching to the center of the screen by touching the screen with a second finger.
  4. The sensitivity of the rotation was reduced when using the map with the map rotation option active. I’ll be back on this matter in a next post. In the meantime more details can be found on the manual.
  5. Minor bugs were fixed.
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