Tip of the week (2): What to check if Ariadne does not announce the favorites

  1. Check that the favorites you wish to be announced are active. The easiest way is to go the favorite tab and activate the list of active favorites only. A favorite can be activated by selecting it from the list or from its details view and choosing the option “Activate”;
  2. If you decided to customize the favorite go into its details and do the checks that follow. If you decided not to customize the favorite go to the global settings of the app, Favorites section and do the checks that follow:
    • Make sure that at least one of the options “Vocal alert”, “Vibration”, “Sound for Alert” is active, otherwise the app won’t be able to announce the favorite;
    • Choose a value for distance which is not too small (you’ll be able to reduce it later, when you see that it works);
    • Repetition and frequency may be set according to your needs.

    At this point the alert will work.

    1. If you wish to have the alerts when the app is in background you need to activate the Background option in the Device section of the app Settings.
      If it doesn’t work, please make sure that the app is authorized to use the background services. This option can be found into the General Settings of your device, under the voice “Background App Refresh”.

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One comment on “Tip of the week (2): What to check if Ariadne does not announce the favorites
  1. Mariagrazia says:

    Ottimo suggerimento/spiegazione! Chiaro e conciso! Preciso. Grazie

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