How do I zoom on the map?

To zoom you must use two fingers, for example thumb and forefinger, bringing them closer or moving them away depending on the type of zoom you wish to perform.

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When I explore the map, if I move right / left, I hear them reversed. If I move my fingers leftward I hear right and if I move them rightward I hear left. Is that correct?

Yes, that’s correct!
You are probably referring to the pan gesture, which you can do using two fingers, leftward or rightward. This gesture allows you to move the map and change the area shown on the screen of your device.
Just imagine having a paper map under your device and moving it with your fingers. If you move your finger from the right to the left you’re moving the map in the same direction, which means that the part of the map showing after the movement is on the right of the previous one. Viceversa, if you move your fingers from the left to the right, you’re moving the “paper map” rightward, which means the area showing after the movement is on the left of the previous one.
In case you’re using the map with the north on the top of the screen (this depends on the zoom or on the type of exploration) you won’t hear left or right but East or West.
The same reasoning applies to up and down (North/South) movements.

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What do the different sounds in the app mean?

Each sound played in the app has a meaning and is aimed to help the user being aware of something that happened or is happening. Following are the different sounds with the corresponding meaning.

Gps/compass sounds

This two little sounds are played quite often, especially if the user is not moving. They are:

  1. GPS direction valid. This sound is played when the gps starts giving a direction of movement. This means either that you were still and are now moving or that the system detects a movement in a certain direction. GPS direction valid;
  2. GPS direction not valid: This sound is played when the gps stops giving a direction of movement. This means either that you were moving and stopped or simply that the system isn’t able to detect your direction of movement, which then becomes unavailable. GPS direction not valid

Why are those two sounds useful? Because the angles the application gives may be related to your direction of movement or to the compass (device orientation), so it is useful to know when the app stops (or starts) giving a direction based on a system or the other. Sometimes, even if you’re still on a place the app may keep giving a direction of movement (due to the drifting of the gps signal). There’s an option in the settings that you can use to force the use of the compass instead of the fake direction of movement the app may be giving. More on this on the manual.

Pointing a favorite

This sound is played when you are rotating your iPhone trying to point to a favorite. When the favorite is at twelve o’clock with respect to your iPhone orientation the app repeatedly plays this sound. Pointing a favorite;

Map sounds

When you open a map you can hear different sounds:

  1. Map downloaded: This sound is played when the map has completed loading and you can start exploring with your finger. Map downloaded;
  2. Street sounds: these sounds are played when, exploring the map with your finger, it crosses a street. Based on the importance of the street three different sounds are played (Steps, bike, cars on a highway);
  3. Birds and environmental sounds. These sounds are played when your finger goes through a park. Birds;
  4. Sound of the sea: This sound is played when, exploring a map, you reach an ocean, a lake, a big river. Sound of water;
  5. Map locked (more on this on the following paragraph) Map locked.
  6. Map unlocked (more on this on the following paragraph) Map unlocked.

The two sounds Map locked/unlocked (number 5 and 6) are played when, changing the zoom level the map rotates in order to get oriented with the north on the top of the screen (locked) or to get oriented like the terrain that is around you (what is in the top is what you have in front of you). They should remind you of a paper map that rotates under your fingers. More on this in the manual.

Favorites reordered

This sound is played when you are on the favorites list and you shake your device. This forces a sorting of the list based on your distance for each favorites. This would be done anyway automatically in a short period of time (More on this on the manual). Favorites reordered.

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Ariadne does not speak or announce a favorite in case I have locked the screen of my iPhone

For what concerns the favorite announcement, there are a few things you must check, inside and outside the app.
You have global settings or settings for a specific favorite.

Let’s use global settings:
1. Choose the type of alert you wish to have from the Favorite section (Vocal, Sound, vibration);
2. Choose a distance (I suggest not less than 30 meters, but it depends on the signal you have in your region);
3. Choose the repetition and the frequency (you can also leave the default value);

This will make the app work correctly when it is in foreground. Now let’s make it work in background.
4. Go to the Device section and select both Background and Allow screen lock (otherwise the app won’t allow the screen to lock).

Will this be enough? It should, but on iOS 7 it isn’t.
5. You must go into the Settings of your device (not inside the app), select General, select Background app update and from there activate the switch that corresponds to Ariadne GPS (otherwise the app is not allowed to use the background services).

Also remember that from version 4.0 only active favorites are announced.
When you’re done with these steps you will get the alerts in background.

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How do I make a backup copy of my favorites archive?

The easiest way, in case you bought the possibility to share your favorites with your friends, is sending all your favorites via email to your own address.
When you need to re-import your favorites you will only need to open this file using Ariadne GPS and the favorites will be imported inside the app.

In case you don’t have the possibility to share your favorites, you must use iTunes. Just make a copy of the file POI.sqlite that you can find inside the document folder of the app. Copy this file in a folder on your hard disk. When you need to recover your backup, you may override the file in the Ariadne document folder using the one you backud up before.

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What’s the gesture to quick edit the favorite shown on the home screen?

When the voiceover focus is on the button showing the favorite you wish to edit, double tap, keep the second long and as soon as you hear the typical voiceover sound, without removing your finger from the screen, drag it in any direction.

Listen to the example

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When I try to activate some functions I am asked to purchase them. Why?

Some of the new features introduced in version 4.0 are included in a package that you can buy using the in app mechanism. You only by the package once and all the features will be enabled and you won’t be asked for purchase anymore. If you choose not to buy the package the app will continue working as it did before.

In detail, the in app package includes:

  1. Possibility to customize your favorites;
  2. Use of the preset profiles;
  3. Favorite sharing with your friends and import from gpx and osm files;
  4. Possibility to open the detail and editing of the favorite shown on the home screen directly from the button on the home;
  5. Quick saving of your position on a new favorite by simply doing a long press on the add favorite button;
  6. Possibility to send a favorite from Ariadne GPS to Tom Tom™ and Navigon™.

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I updated Ariadne to 4.0 but I don’t get any alert for my favorites

From version 4.0 of Ariadne only active favorites can fire an alert, so if you’d like to be alerted for a favorite you need to activate it.
To have the same behaviour Ariadne had in the previous versions you need to activate all of your favorites. This can easily be done by going in the favorite list, tab “All” and using the action button, choose “Activate all”.
Ariadne will behave as it did in the previous versions for what concerns the proximity alert.

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When I am on the map, how do I get back to the previous screen?

Just shake your device!

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Favorite points can also be set on position outside streets?

Yes, any point can be set as favorite, regardless of the map. If it is not close to a road the app will not store street, number, etc., but the mechanism of the favorite alert will work normally.

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Will I need to activate the favorites on my planned route, otherwise I will not know about them?

Yes. If you don’t activate the favorites on your route they won’t be announced at all, but you can see them if you set the focus on the button that reports the nearest favorite, as well as the active and the tracked one. You will be able to see the nearest favorite at any time, but only active ones will be announced.
In case you wish to have the same behavior as before, there’s a button in the favorites list section that lets you activate all the favorites at once.

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Does it work on an iPod when moving?

The app needs an internet connection and to know the location of the device. According to Apple iPod touch “provides your approximate location using information based on your proximity to known Wi-Fi networks (when on and available). The more accurate the available information, the smaller the circle identifying your position on the map. This feature is not available everywhere. Known Wi-Fi networks are predominantly in urban areas.” So, iPod touch, the app will work if you’re close to wireless networks (for what concerns the location) and you’re connected to the internet (for what concerns the data update from the server). Alternatively you can use an external GPS antenna to get accurate information about your location.

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Sending a new question

If the answer you’re looking for is not on this page, please visit the contact me section to email me.

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