Ariadne GPS Handbuch

The German version of the Ariadne GPS app’s manual is now available in the Manuals section or directly here:

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Disponible la versión española del manual de usuario de Ariadne GPS!

La versión española del manual de usuario de Ariadne GPS está disponible en esta página: .

A Spanish version of the manual of Ariadne GPS has been made available at the above link, or you can reach it from the manual page at:


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The map is back!

An issue was fixed that prevented the map from showing and sounds from being played. The map will now normally show and play sounds.

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Tip of the week (3) : Rotating map

When we open the map it is like if we’d rise up a few hundred meters from the ground and we’d take a picture. In the picture, what’s on top is what we have in front of us, what’s on the bottom is what we have behind us. Once we have taken the photo, in any direction we rotate our device, the image remains fixed and we explore the map as it was when we opened it. What if instead of taking a picture we made a video? If that is, when we rotate the device in any direction, the map rotates accordingly and at the top there is always what is in front of the device at the time and at the bottom what is behind at the time.

For this to happen you activate the “Rotating map” option in the settings of the app, map section.

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Tip of the week (2): What to check if Ariadne does not announce the favorites

  1. Check that the favorites you wish to be announced are active. The easiest way is to go the favorite tab and activate the list of active favorites only. A favorite can be activated by selecting it from the list or from its details view and choosing the option “Activate”;
  2. If you decided to customize the favorite go into its details and do the checks that follow. If you decided not to customize the favorite go to the global settings of the app, Favorites section and do the checks that follow:
    • Make sure that at least one of the options “Vocal alert”, “Vibration”, “Sound for Alert” is active, otherwise the app won’t be able to announce the favorite;
    • Choose a value for distance which is not too small (you’ll be able to reduce it later, when you see that it works);
    • Repetition and frequency may be set according to your needs.

    At this point the alert will work.

    1. If you wish to have the alerts when the app is in background you need to activate the Background option in the Device section of the app Settings.
      If it doesn’t work, please make sure that the app is authorized to use the background services. This option can be found into the General Settings of your device, under the voice “Background App Refresh”.

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Tip of the week (1): The gestures you can use on the map

While exploring the map many gestures let you know additional information that can help you improve your user experience.
Following are all these gestures, some of which only available from version 4.2.1:

  1. Pinch to zoom in or out (bring two fingers, such as thumb and forefinger, closer or move them away to zoom);
  2. Pan using three fingers in any direction (up, down, left, right) to move the map in that direction;
  3. Slowly move one finger on the map to explore it and hear the names of streets, cities, parks, etc.;
  4. When you find a point you wish to move on the center of the screen, or you simply reached the border, tap using a second finger and the point you were touching will be moved to center of the screen;
  5. When the map is loaded you get information on the area shown (such as the number of miles it spans). Whenever you wish to hear this information just do a double tap using three finger on the map. Ariadne will repeat it;
  6. If you do a single three fingers tap Ariadne will give you information on the point shown at the center of the map;
  7. To leave the map view just shake your device!
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Version 4.2: New features and changes in the map exploration

We’ve been working hard to improve the user experience when exploring the map. New and interesting features and changes were introduced.

  1. New sounds. Using the Google maps sdk we’ve been able to give back the user the sound feedback for streets, lakes, oceans, parks. Thanks to different sound while moving your finger on the map you’ll be able to distinguish between highways, more and less important streets. The sound will play as long as you keep your finger on the street thus helping you following it. A new sound was introduced for the parks. You’ll hear birds singing while moving on them.
  2. Zoom gesture. The zooming on the map is no longer done by doing a vertical flick, but taking a pinch gesture with two fingers.
  3. Centering a point on the map. While moving on the map with your finger, you can set the point you’re touching to the center of the screen by touching the screen with a second finger.
  4. The sensitivity of the rotation was reduced when using the map with the map rotation option active. I’ll be back on this matter in a next post. In the meantime more details can be found on the manual.
  5. Minor bugs were fixed.
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Ariadne GPS and bus stops in Bologna

An interesting service was arranged for those visiting or living in the Bologna city area.
A page was prepared using which the users can generate Ariadne favorites for all the bus stops they may be interested in.
Those favorites can be generated by choosing a line or by inserting an address (in this case the system will look for nearby bus stops).
A file with the favorites will be prepared and sent to the user email address.
To go to the page you can use the link I am reporting further below or from inside the app (there’s a link in the latest news).

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No choice

This app is a must for blind peoples
Thank you a lot

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Accessible for voiceover

This app is very accessible for visually impaired and blind users is a fantastic GPS tool thank you for developing

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