Rel. 3.0 Audio Podcasts

You can also watch the following files as audio/video format. The whole podcast is also split into four parts to let you listen to the only sections you might be interested in. Please note that the whole podcast contains more information than the four parts together. The files are both in English and in Italian. The English parts are preceded by the word “English” and are first in the list. These podcasts were made in the studios of Radio Oltre,  the “Istituto Cavazza – Bologna” web radio.

2 comments on “Rel. 3.0 Audio Podcasts
  1. John W. hess says:

    This podcast is escential listening for those who really want to get a good grasp of how this app is used. I Learned much and my opinion has drasticly changed for the better because of the demos and excellently detailed descriptions of the functionality of the app.

  2. I agree, this podcast is really useful.
    You can learn many things that are not very clear at the beginning.
    Really a good work!

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