A very good travel aid, but there is room for improvement.

This app will provide you with real time updates of your location if you activate the monitor feature and then press the “where am I” button. However, as another reviewer wrote below, the app sometimes fails to mention the name of a street onto which you have turned. In addition, the app is inconsistent at announcing streets that you have crossed. One truly revolutionary feature I would like to see added would be for the app to detect the direction of your movement and to announce the street you are approaching, and the street that is behind you. In other words, an audio summary that is equivalent to the “look around” function.

In addition, there does not appear to be any method of zooming in or zooming out on the map. I would really like to zoom in on the map so that only a few streets are visible at a time.

Finally, I think that adding audio tones to the map would make finding the lines that represent the streets a bit easier.