Disclaimer, privacy and credits

Terms and conditions

Any download or use of the App is subject to these terms and conditions.
The features of this app are based on the gps service and on a remote server for what concerns the information about the position. This information might not be accurate, due to the gps accuracy, which is generally below fifteen metres but in some cases can be few tens of metres and to the remote service, which might be unresponsive in certain moments (the app will tell you if that’s the case). The aim of the app is giving you an idea of your position and what is around you. Please do not completely rely on it. Using this app you agree that the author cannot be held responsible for any damages that may result from an improper use of the program.
Please consider that this App may use the location service in the background, in case the navigation to a point is set. The use of background GPS may draw heavily on your device battery. Use this feature only as needed.

Privacy Notice

Ariadne GPS does not collect, store or process any personal data about you when you use the App (“Personal Data”). Only specific feedback on how to improve the App from the App Store is monitored.


I would like to express my deep and sincere gratitude to the people, testers, users, translators who believed in this app and helped its development and progress. Thank you very much guys!

My special thanks to: Rostislava Koumanova Giovanni Lo Monaco Sabato De Rosa Vainer Broccoli Gabriele Battaglia Alessio Lenzi Elisabetta Barsotti Andrea Di Santo Kevin Chao and a special reward goes to Giorgia Lo Monaco for her patience. My warm thanks are also due to the people who helped with the translations: Susanne Hunziker Sandra Pilz Ronald van Rhijn Alwine Hardus Cátia Brites Lima Søren Jensen Thomas Byskov Dalgaard John André Lium-Netland www.a-pro-studio.no Ana Garza Satoru Arao Mitsugu Sakamoto Alexey Bazarov Peter Vágner Andreas Jonasson