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Main features

Ariadne GPS offers you the possibility to know your position and to get information about the street, the number, etc. and explore the map of what’s around you. What do we mean by Main screen of the appsaying “explore”? You’ll deal with a talking map.If you have voice over activated on your device, you will be able to know the street names and numbers that are around you by touching them. Just put your finger on the screen of your device, when showing the map and moving it you will be told the info’s about the street you’re touching. Your position is on the center of the screen. What’s in front of you is on the top half of the screen and things behind you are on the bottom half of the screen. You can also explore a different region than the one around you by telling the app the street and the city. You can ask for information about your position at any time, also activating a function, called monitor, that will give you this info periodically. This app has also got some other useful features that might help when walking or traveling by bus, train etc. If you add your favourite points to the app database, you can be alerted when you get closer than a certain distance to one of them. This app is completely accessible using voice over and gives you access to information that are normally unavailable to people using the speech synthesizer and can be therefore especially useful to blind and partially sighted people. This app has the following main features:

  • Telling you where you are;
  • Letting you explore what’s around you;
  • Letting you explore a specific zone;
  • Periodically checking your position and telling where you are (by only telling the details changed since last check);
  • Letting you add and list your favourite points;
  • Alerting you when you are close to one of your favourite points.

I keep working on this app and try to improve it, correcting bugs and adding new features. Please feel free to help if you have an idea or something to say about it. Write me. More on the app features in the detail section Get the app