Release 2.0 – New feature and bug fixes

 An audio/video podcast is available on this web site.

Main screen

  1. The “Where Am I” and “Add to Favorite” buttons have been moved to the top half of the screen;
  2. A new item reporting the closest favorite (or a tracked favorite), its distance, and relative position has been added to the home screen;
  3. The direction of movement item has been moved to the top half of the screen, next to the compass;

List of Favorites screen:

  1. An Option button has been added for managing Favorites, which opens a menu with the following items:
    • “Create Favorite,” using geographic coordinates,
    • Cancel Favorite Tracking, if active,
    • Import favorites from “Loadstone,”;
  2. A search function has been added to the list of favorites;
  3. The list of Favorites can now be reordered by distance with a shake of the device;

Favorite details screen:

  1. An Options button has been added to the Favorites manager, which opens a menu with the following items:
    • Track favorite,
    • Edit favorite,
    • Show on the map,
    • Delete favorite;

Map screen:

  1. In map exploration, information about lakes, rivers and oceans is announced and the sound of water is played;
  2. When exploring the map, information about interesting locations–such as churches, parks, and hospitals–is given;
  3. In map exploration, information about the size of the area being displayed and the details that can be explored are provided;

Other features:

  1. The relative position of a favorite was introduced on the main screen, on the List of Favorites, and on the favorite details. Users who are at a fixed location can choose to have the device vibrate or play a sound when they point the device at a Favorite;
  2. New search criteria were added for exploring an area. A text field is provided for users to enter whatever details they want when searching for places;
  3. The search result now shows more details to let users better identify the places they’re looking for;
  4. Favorites can now be created from a search result, by tapping the info button associated with the point users wish to add;
  5. Any favorite can now be shown in the center of the map, and users can explore the region around the favorite;
  6. Minor bug fixes.

Further details on this web site will be provided next days.

Release 1.0

This version is available on the store. Here are the main changes:

  1. Introduced the possibility to set the number of times the user wants to be alerted when near a favorite. It can be set from the option and can be NO (for no repetition), three times, for ever (the app keeps telling the user as long as they remain within the radius of the favorite). In the previous version the app kept alerting the user until they remained within the radius of a favorite. Since it could result bothering we decided to give the user this choice.
  2. iPad interface wrong orientation fixed. The interface orientation was locked on iPad and it resulted upside down on iPad 2 when it was on the stand.
  3. Distance units in miles and feet were introduced (for US and UK users);
  4. Speed is now indicated in Km/h and in mph (for US and UK users).
  5. The option to delete favorites on the list and on the detail was introduced.
  6. Status bar is now shown in the most parts of the app. Basically it’s not shown on the map view.
  7. Japanese localization introduced;
  8. Norwegian localization introduced;
  9. Danish localization improved;
  10. English US and UK localization improved;
  11. German localization improved;
  12. Spanish localization improved;
  13. Dutch localization improved;
  14. A bug in the map exploration which gave wrong information when exploring was fixed. Because of this bug when exploring the map it looked as if the monitor still kept being on and the user kept hearing information about their position.
  15. The horizontal precision labels were introduced into the favorite editing view. Using this information, when editing a favorite the user can now decide if they want to save the new position (coordinates) or keep the old one (based on the horizontal accuracy value). The less the radius, the best the accuracy of the favorite.
  16. Interface accessibility improved. Some accessibility labels were introduced and pronunciation improved. Coordinates in favorite view are now correctly pronounced by VoiceOver. Minutes and seconds were pronounced as feet and inches in the previous version. Labels such as meters, kilometers, etc. should now be read in a better way by VoiceOver in the various languages;
  17. Minor bug fixes and changes, some of which are:
    • The monitor is now put back to its previous state when getting back to the main screen from the favorites list. This didn’t work properly before;
    • Changed the labels. POI became favorites;
    • The Sound setting for the street on the map was moved into the map group.
    • Alert mechanism for network absence improved;
    • A 10% tolerance was added in detecting favorites;

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