An innovative app for your mobility

The new version 4.0 is on the App Store. Visit the new features quick manual to know more about the new release.

Showcase video

AriadneGPS was featured as part of the Apple Keynote address in San Francisco-WWDC event. Apple showed a video of the app being used by a blind person in Germany as well as video of the developer Luca Ciaffoni being interviewed and talking about the app.

Here is the video from the Apple keynote showing the AriadneGPS app.


Yet another app that uses the GPS? Maybe not.
There are some innovative aspects in this application that are worth mentioning. The app offers you the possibility to know your position at any time and monitor it while walking, you can decide to be informed about what changes along the way, street numbers, street names, etc.. There is also the option to save your favorite points and to be alerted, when you approach one of them, for example when you are on a train, bus, etc… using sound, vibration, and even voice, if you are using VoiceOver.
Furthermore, there is an interesting and innovative feature, namely the ability to explore the map. The same way a person who sees the map has a whole view of what surrounds them or a view of a specific location, those using VoiceOver can now have an idea of the conformation of a certain area by tapping the map with their finger. Moving your finger on the map, you can hear the street names and numbers pronounced by VoiceOver and make yourself a mental map of the area.
This application is fully accessible and provides access to details that are normally unavailable to people who use the speech synthesizer and can therefore be particularly useful for the blind and visually impaired. The app uses the GPS and a remote service, which at the moment is Google. This means that some information may be inaccurate or unavailable at certain times (depending on the gps signal, the network and server availability). However, we are working to improve this information and functionality also using different services and mechanisms.

The app is available both for iPad and iPhone and it is localized in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Japanese, Slovak, Russian, Danish, Polish and Swedish.